Meet Cey

I absolutely love Zur Gluten Free! I have been buying their products for over two years now, and constantly enjoy the taste and health benefits from them. 
As a sufferer of Chrons diseases I have found the products have reduced my inflammation drastically. 
I love the variety of tasty flavours of the Cassava wraps, they are filling and provide me with a great source of energy. 
The company is also run by fantastic business owners who are consistently innovating new and exciting product lines.
I look forward to being a long-term customer.

Meet Mary Albert

My name is Mary Albert, I have been eating Zur Gluten Free Ltd products for the past four years. Due to me gaining weight, I have found the products catered for my dietary needs so I started making burgers with the cassava bread which I found mouth-watering. I then sampled the wraps which is absolutely delicious and filling. For breakfast I am now eating granola which is very tasty and hold me till lunch time. My weight has stabilised now, I highly recommend these products for flavour and dietary requirements.

Meet Anthony Severin

Zur Gluten Free has been consistent in the delivery of an extensive range of food offerings which live up to its tag line “just one taste…that’s all it takes”! And it is not just the taste, nutritional value or wholesome quality of the food that I find appealing…I am impressed with what is clearly a total quality service!

Meet Darren Melvin

My name is Darren Melvin and I am employed by Transport for London for over 20 years as a Customer Service Assistant. Due to the demands of my work, I often struggle to eat healthy. I purchased the granola from Zur Gluten Free LTD and was very happy. The granola was very tasty, I am someone with a sweet tooth, who always incorporate sugar in cereals however with this granola I enjoyed the textures and taste without adding sugar. It's so nice I could even eat it dry as a snack.
I would recommend this product to everyone.

Meet the Meliat Family

Our family have been a customer of Zur Gluten Free LTD for years and their food never disappoints. There is always a burst of authentic Caribbean flavours with every meal. Not only is their food delicious, but you get the sense that love and care goes into their food. My husband and I are never disappointed ad our kids never complain which is a plus . Our favourite orders on the menu will have to be the saltfish and beetroot cassava bread, the chicken wrap and most recently their new edition granola . I will definitely recommend this company for their delicious food and great service.
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