Panos Case Study

Meet Panos

Panos is a web designer who works closely with his clients to exceed their expectations. Due to his commitment, he works very long hours sitting Infront of his computer resulting in unwanted weight gain. Panos decided to join the gym and approached us with regards to finding a healthier solution to his food choices but most importantly a healthier lifestyle. During his free consultation, we discussed his weight goals, training, meal preparation and macros.

How we helped

We created a Macro Meal based meal preparation plan to meet his objectives as well as his training goals for 3 months. We reviewed his targets weekly, focused on positive mental attitude, we adapted meals to suite his palette as well as ethnic backgrounds.

The result

Panos managed to lose 14kg (30lbs) in 3 months! We are very happy to have worked with Panos with his meal plan
"I would like to thank Zur Gluten Free for the 3 month meal prep plan they prepared for me. I've honestly never had an easier time dieting, it takes the preparation and the effort of cooking healthy meals away...Not that I could cook something anywhere near as tasty as their wraps or dinners that they provided for me...

I would like to thank Sylvette and Rosario for the amazing tasty healthy food they provided me. Never missed a delivery either. I lost 14kg which is very hard for me to do. I will be doing another 3 month plan very soon!"
Panos Vassos
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