At Zur, one of our key focus areas is based on Body Positivity. 

Our definition of body positivity is focusing on you embracing your physical body, regardless of shape, size, disability or gender.
It’s about empowering your mind to believe in yourself, to be proud of your bodies and turning your back against the standards set by society. Our focus is to get people to have a healthier approach to their bodies, food and a healthier relationship with themselves.

The other key factor is about creating that positive mental mindset, which will allow you to make the changes at your pace if you desire, it’s also about using the right tools to achieve the right results.
Our Meal preparation focuses getting you to your desired goal along with working with our selected personal trainers.
Our meals offer the following
• Portion control
• Keeps you on track with your goals set by Personal trainer or yourself
• Saves on preparation time
• Time Management
• Overall helps you with a positive mental mindset
By working with our selected Personal Trainers, you will benefit in the following ways
• They help define your fitness goals
• Your Workouts are personalised
• You are taught the proper form and routine
• Ensure that you remain injury free, while they increase your effectiveness in your training.
• They show you how to maximise time to achieve results
• They accommodate your schedule
• They hold you accountable
• They will challenge your mental mindset
• They will boost your confidence and become part of your network

Our focus is ensuring that the customer is at the heart of everything that we do.

Body Positivity should be your way of life.
Meal Prep
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