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There are a lot of products that claim to be gluten free on our shop shelves but still include ingredients coeliac and other gastrointestinal sufferers can’t eat, not to mention the cross-contamination that goes on in factories. This is not a stress you have to take on when you choose Zur Gluten Free Ltd, we save you from having to thoroughly inspect the tiny ingredients list and warnings on the back of each packaging.

With over four decades of experience processing cassava, Zur Gluten Free Ltd has developed an innovative twist on catering to the dietary needs of those who are coeliac, diabetic, or desire substantial dietary health benefits.

Our tradition of processing cassava has been passed down through many generations of both Caribbean and African influence. Zur Gluten Free Ltd uses the unique method of processing farina, a cereal based product, as a central ingredient to our gluten free cassava bread. In our recipe, we include a dynamic blend of sweet potato, quinoa and teff grain; every dish is jam-packed with authentic flavour and all the nutrients your body desires.

At Zur Gluten Free Ltd, we are well aware of the impact nutrition has on our mental and physical health, our recipes and nutritional guidance helps those suffering with diabetes, IBS, coeliac disease, Crohn’s, cancer, thyroid problems and more. Our services go hand in hand with the needs of the health-conscious; athletes, business professionals, personal trainers, gym-goers, families, you name it.

We know that gluten free products can be both healthy and flavourful if made the right way, that’s with attentiveness and care! It is our mission to provide customers with food that has a positive impact on both their health and their perspective on gluten free products.

Our Vision

Changing the World's view of Gluten Free products

Put the Customer First

Focus on Innovation

Champion Product Diversity

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Deliver with Consistency

Our Products


Packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Ethically sourced, we ensure the farmers reap the rewards. Everyone wins!


We take the stress out of mealtimes. Our diverse range of mouth-watering recipes are delivered fresh to suit your dietary requirements.


Knowledge passed down through generations. We developed an innovative approach to tackle gastrointestinal diseases and other health conditions.


Perfect for the health-conscious. We calculate your daily intake and deliver macro meals based on your preferences.


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